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  • NF P90-306 APPROVED

Securipool flexible pool fence

NF P90-306 approved
For use in private or public swimming pools, totally transparent and discreet, fixed to the ground or paving, no climbing points, no nuisance tripping. Can be dismantled, fixed to 16mm, 30mm or base plates, flexible or rigid version, sections to European dimensions. Many colours available. Securipool has been the European leader in swimming pool barriers since 1996.

Exclusive to RemovablePoolFence.net, your barrier comes with a 5-year guarantee!
Recommended price : 54,90€*
29,00 €from
Customer reviews (4.8/5)
Pay by 3x and 4x CB free of charge  or  5x, 10x, 20x with FLOA
Available in several colours
Net strength: 3 tonnes/m²
No unwanted tripping
No false alarm
Total transparency and discretion
Approved barrier
NF P90-306

Choose your Securipool swimming pool barrier

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1 Select your fence model

Securipool flexible
Best seller, can be dismantled in a few minutes, rolls away for easy storage, 16 or 30mm fixings.
Rigid barrier (fixed)
Fixed reinforced aluminium frame (cannot be dismantled), requires a gate, 30mm fixings or on plates.

2 Select the colour of the net and posts

Black / Grey
A great classic, easily adaptable to all types of pools and environments. Represents 60% of sales.
Green / Grey
Ideal for a wooded environment, blends in perfectly with the vegetation around the pool: trees, hedges, grass, etc.
100% black remains a great classic, adapting easily to all types of pools and environments. Top seller.
Ideal for a wooded environment, it blends in perfectly with the vegetation around the pool: trees, hedges, grass, etc.
A very trendy colour that blends in perfectly with a brown environment: wooden decking, shutters, wooden furniture, trees, etc.
White / Grey
White is frequently used for seaside pools and those with white surroundings.
Anthracite Grey
Anthracite grey is perfectly suited to all types of environment: terrace and resin furniture, trees, shutters, etc.

3 Select the type of fixing

Mounting plates
Fixing plates, installed with a simple drill, ideal for concrete or paved terraces.
16mm fixings
16mm diameter, installed with a simple drill, ideal for concrete terraces. Sleeve covers supplied.
30mm fixings
30mm diameter, suitable for earth, sand, wood decking and windy areas. Sleeve covers supplied.
Your Securipool barrier
Model :
Net :
Posts :
Fixings :
Choose the components for your barrier
Each Securipool module is delivered with sleeves and covers for each post, and a complete stainless steel hook.
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The swimming pool barrier is one of the safest safety devices on the market. Design and effective, it makes the pool inaccessible when it's not in use. Discover several models on our site, in particular the rigid Securipool model, which is as attractive as it is effective for fencing off your pool.

The swimming pool barrier to effectively secure your swimming area

If you have an in-ground or in-ground swimming pool, you should know that it is important to equip your pool with at least one safety device, such as a barrier, to reduce the risk of accidental drowning.

Pool protections flood the market, but only 4 are recognised as reliable to date. Here, we're referring to alarms, covers, shelters and barriers. And in this context, the latter represent an effective alternative, as the addition of a fence blocks all access to the swimming area.

If you opt for the pool barrier, you'll need to choose a model that complies with the norme NF P90-306. This guarantees the quality and effectiveness of the product. All pool owners are also obliged to install at least one approved safety device. In this article, find out everything there is to know about pool fences as well as the different versions to help you make your choice.

The pool fence, a safe and preventive option

Nothing can replace adult vigilance and supervision, but prevention is better than cure. A swimming pool barrier is a solution that prevents children from gaining free access to the water. We strongly advise you to opt for a model that is certified and approved to NF P90-306. Why is this so important? These products are a guarantee of quality, so you can take full advantage of a winning purchase.

The swimming pool barrier and its special features

The NF P90-306-certified swimming pool barrier proves unpassable for children under 5. Toddlers will not be able to climb, step over or open the access leading to the pool. What's more, existing models are available with a minimum height of 1.22 m, so younger children won't be able to climb over. In addition, the fence is installed flush with the ground, preventing any objects, toys or small animals from entering the secure area.

Among other things, the device features a structure that resists extraction thanks to a solid fixing system on a hard or concrete support. Your child won't risk injury by clinging to the barrier because the elements that make it up are protected by covers. This is a protective barrier that can withstand impacts or thrown objects weighing at least 50 kg.

In addition, it is incredibly resistant to corrosion, frost, heat, humidity and gales. We recommend installing the pool barrier at least 1 m from the edge inside the pool.

The different types of approved barriers

The certified and approved pool barrier comes in 3 types: fixed, removable and retractable. The choice will be based on basic criteria such as budget, shape and location of the pool.

Fixed pool barriers, the most common

The fixed protective fence is intended for permanent use. These include full fences. These can come in various forms: wood, glass, PVC, transparent Plexiglas or with metal panels. There are also ventilated barriers made up of bars, mesh or trellis in particular.

The fixed pool barrier is considerably more expensive than the other models, but it will all depend on your budget and the configuration of your exterior. Usually, it's sold by the linear metre or you'll need to buy a whole set of modules.

The removable pool fence, an excellent compromise

The removable pool fence is relevant for several reasons. It can be used when there are children only exceptionally (family reunion, grandchildren's visits or holidays, etc.). Easy to install, it encloses your pool when you're not at home. Removable at will, the removable pool barrier saves you from visual pollution and the discomfort it causes when there's no need to fence off the pool.

This model is made up of partitions made of netting or rigid materials, including PVC, wood, etc. Net versions have the advantage of being lighter and easier to handle. Of course, everything will depend on the layout of your outdoor area and the type of pool you have. Below, we present a removable swimming pool barrier that you should adopt for its practicality and aesthetic appeal.

The Securipool Rigid protective barrier

The Securipool Rigid swimming pool barrier combines all the properties of the ideal fence in one. On our site, this product is available in several colours to suit any decor: black and grey, green and grey, white and grey, black, green, chocolate and anthracite grey. Transparent and safe, this fence is impenetrable for children under 5. The quality is no mean feat. This is a French-made device with attractive value for money. On our site, this product is offered at a rather affordable price, so don't hesitate to order yours.

The Securipool Rigide pool fence partitions off your swimming area with elegance. You can choose between several sections: 25, 50 94 and 194 cm in length. Naturally, it has NF P-306 certification and approval. It has an ultra-strong anodised aluminium frame and can be installed on any type of ground (concrete, wood, loose soil, earth or sand). On our site, the Securipool Rigide pool fence comes with a gate. You'll get made-to-measure and customisable.

Retractable pool barriers

This is surely the most practical, but also the most expensive of the approved pool barriers. At the moment, we see very few of them, but they have the particularity of impeccably combining safety, practicality, discretion and ease of use. When you need it, all you have to do is raise the device. Otherwise, simply lower it and it's forgotten.

To conclude, adding a pool fence around your pool is a wise choice that helps prevent any risk of drowning among the little ones. Don't hesitate to send us your request. We'll be delighted to deal with it with the utmost care.