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Children's pool safety
Protect your children with the Securipool swimming pool barrier

Swimming pool protection for children and pets

Securipool removable barriers provide effective, safe protection for your children around your pool. Its many advantages make it a unique product on the pool safety market compared with other safety devices. Its attractive price, quality and sturdiness make the Securipool fence an ideal product for parents and children alike. Since its launch, the Securipool flexible fence has received rave reviews in the press and on television, and thousands of customers have been equipped with this easy-to-use and effective all-purpose device.
Seen on TV on Capital M6
Seen on TV on Capital M6
Child protection without compromise
Securipool has no climbing holds and provides no support points. With its strength and transparency, it combines aesthetics and safety, while protecting your children with a weave that won't hurt them if they fall on the fence. Its ground clearance prevents toys from getting in or sliding under the fence. The PVC-coated, UV-resistant transparent net, with a strength of 3 tonnes/m², makes it easy to keep an eye on the pool with its sail-like effect. Your pets will also be protected and won't be able to jump over the barrier with its 1.22m height. The aluminium stakes mounted every metre on the net provide excellent tension and are reinforced at the base to ensure maximum resistance to bad weather.
Versatile, adaptable and easy to dismantle
The versatility of the Securipool in terms of fixings, finishes and module dimensions, with the option of recutting the net, means that it can be adapted to all types of ground: tiled, flagstone, earth, wood, and to any desired or imposed dimensions. The Securipool barrier can be installed against walls, existing fences, closed completely or just to secure access to the pool. Its optional automatic gate closes after each use, making it compulsory for local authorities (gîtes, hotels, campsites, condominiums, etc.) and child-minders. Once dismantled, the holes in the ground are no longer visible and are protected by rounded sleeve covers to prevent you from injuring yourself or stumbling around the pool.
Made in France: quality, safety and reliability
The Securipool barrier can be assembled and dismantled in just a few minutes, partially or totally by a single person. Its ability to roll up and the light weight of the modules mean it can be stored quickly and easily. Unlike alarms, you'll avoid electronic breakdowns and nuisance triggers caused by animals, wind or bad weather, so you can stay in harmony with your neighbours and actively protect your pool while you're away or on holiday. There's no risk of it being left open, unlike other barriers, thanks to its manual access. If the net is taut, it means the barrier is closed and the pool is 100% secure; if the net is slack, all you have to do is check the installation.
Swimming pool safety law of 3 January 2003
The law passed on 3 January 2003 requires the installation of a standardised safety device for all private or collective in-ground or semi-in-ground swimming pools (leisure centres, campsites, guest houses/gites, hotels, etc.), including for long-term or seasonal lets. If you have young children, it's vital to make your above-ground pool safe, even if you're not legally obliged to do so. In the case of a swimming pool built after 01/01/2004, the builder must provide the client with a technical note indicating the standardised safety system chosen. Don't hesitate to tell the builder that you would like to be fitted with a Securipool barrier, as alarms are often proposed for reasons of cost, while neglecting the safety aspect of the pool.
The Afnor NF P90-306 swimming pool barrier standard
The Securipool, Securipool Prestige and Securipool III barriers fully comply with the safety and conformity points of the NF P90-306 standard. As such, a certificate of conformity issued by an approved laboratory is issued for each order placed on the RemovablePoolFence.net website. The CSC (consumer safety commission) recommends the barrier as the most reliable safety product for securing a swimming pool. The Securipool fence is not a substitute for common sense or individual responsibility. Nor is it intended to replace the vigilance of responsible adults, who remain the essential factor in protecting young children. The means of access to the pool (with or without a Securipool gate) must be systematically closed in the event of absence from the home, even for a short period, and/or if parents stop supervising the pool.
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Removable Pool Fence is the European specialist in removable swimming pool barriers ans flexible pool fence! Secure your pool and protect your children and pets with the NF P90-306 approved Securipool flexible fence, designed by the European leader in private and public pool protection. Buy the Securipool removable swimming pool fence in Europe at a discount price on RemovablePoolFence.net! The advantages of the Securipool swimming pool flexible fence: use in private or public swimming pools, sections with European dimensions, total transparency and discretion, fence can be dismantled in a few minutes, fixing on defective ground and paving, net resistance of 3 tonnes per m², no climbing holds, no unwanted tripping. Securipool has been the European leader in swimming pool fencing for over 28 years and is a member of the AFNOR commission. Securipool was the first in France and Europe to manufacture and market a swimming pool flexible barrier specially designed to protect children from drowning. European quality: Securipool barriers are manufactured and assembled in France. Quality without compromise. Put your trust in Europe's number 1!

The Securipool barrier, a safety measure to adopt for your swimming pool

The Securipool flexible pool fence is a real safety feature for your swimming area. It protects the perimeter of the pool and prevents any unwanted intrusion. As well as being practical, it's also one of the most elegant and discreet pool fence on the market. It blends in harmoniously with your outdoor décor and is ultra-resistant.

What is a Securipool barrier?

A Securipool barrier represents a type of pool safety fence designed by PSE/Securipool. Piscine Sécurité Enfant (PSE) invented the removable flexible fence barrier in 1996, well before the 2003 law on swimming pool safety was introduced. This French-made device is suitable for both public and private pools. Here, we are referring to a flexible swimming pool fence that can be dismantled in a matter of minutes.

The manufacturing company was the first in France and Europe to develop and market a cheap swimming pool fence that is effective against drowning of the smallest children. Of European quality, PSE's products are shaped and assembled in France. What's more, they comply with current standards and have been approved by a French laboratory. There are versions on the market suitable for private individuals and professionals: hotels, campsites, town halls, condominiums, etc.

Why install a Securipool barrier?

According to French standards, all pool owners must comply with certain safety measures. The truth is, in-ground outdoor pools must be fitted with a choice of alarm, cover, pool shelter or barrier.

It's even advisable to combine several safety systems to minimise the risk of children or pets drowning. Installing a Securipool swimming pool barrier remains the most appropriate and reliable option, as it is preventive.

This is a removable flexible swimming pool fence specifically adapted to protect toddlers under 5 years of age. In fact, the device prevents them from getting to the pool. However, we recommend the use of a cheap swimming pool fence that complies with NT P90-306 safety standards, an example of quality that, as well as being effective, lasts over time.

The Securipool fence offers several advantages

Easy to install and economical, the Securipool net fence combines a number of advantages. First and foremost, it does not require the intervention of a professional to install. It can also be dismantled at will so that you can enjoy your swimming area to the full, provided you keep a close eye on your children. This type of equipment can be customised to suit your needs. With the Securipool removable fence, there's no need to worry about maintenance. Take a look at our pages and you'll find models with matching gates. Whether you're a private individual or a professional, you can be sure you'll get a product to suit your needs. It's a barrier made in France and has been no. 1 in Europe since it was launched. Send us your request and we'll be delighted to provide you with a 100% free made-to-measure quotation.

A discreet, modular device

The Securipool barrier is made of transparent reinforced polyester fabric. It adopts a very discreet look that allows it to blend naturally into your outdoor spaces. Its function is to delimit your pool while protecting young children from drowning. It's fair to say that this type of flexible fence offers a high level of safety, as it can't be crossed by a toddler under the age of 5.

As well as being modular as you like, the Securipool barrier has a flexible design that gives it the ability to adapt to all types of pool and terrain. Removable and strong, the fence is held in place with stakes and can be dismantled quickly and easily. The system is available in a range of sizes, from 1 m to 6 m high. Each product comes with a fixing kit for any type of ground: concrete, wood, earth... However, you'll need to choose its diameter according to the climatic conditions in your region, but you can choose between 16 or 30 mm in diameter.

Available in different colours, this type of net fence benefits from an anti-UV treatment that preserves its original appearance over time. It is highly resistant to corrosion, humidity and heat. So you can leave it in place all year round without it warping or fading. However, if you want to dismantle it in winter, it can easily be stored in the shed or garage. But don't forget in this case to install another security system (cover, alarm, etc.).

How to properly install your Securipool fence?

The Securipool fence, as indicated above, is simple to install. It should be installed at a distance of at least one metre from your pool to make getting in and out of the pool more comfortable. You'll also need to leave a gap of one metre between the posts. Don't hesitate to use a chalk line for a better demarcation. Next, you can join the modules to the posts, taking care to ensure that they are plumb and level.

It's important to note that the posts for this pool safety device are anodised or lacquered and can be up to 1.32 m high. These must be fixed to the ground using sleeves. You can order your own from our website. The fence net is made from highly flexible PVC mesh and can withstand up to 3 tonnes of wind. There's no risk of it sagging over time, even if it gets snagged several times regularly.

To enter the swimming area, you'll need to gain access via a safety mechanism arranged between each module. However, a self-closing Securipool gate can be fitted to make it easier for you to get around. The Securipool swimming pool barrier requires no special maintenance. Simply hose it down to remove any dirt clinging to the net. Still not convinced? Read on because we haven't revealed everything about it yet.

An economical but effective safety solution

A safety alternative for swimming pools, the Securipool barrier is recognised as reliable by the CSC or Consumer Safety Commission. There are no climbing holds or rigid bars to lean on. It is a safety barrier with a weave that is unlikely to injure a child clinging to it. What's more, it's installed flush with the ground, so there's no risk of it getting into the bathing area. Even toys can't get under the fence. And because it has no bars, even the smallest animals won't be able to get through.

On site, it's easier to keep an eye on the children thanks to the transparent weave of the Securipool fence. Among other things, you'll have peace of mind while you're away because the pool will be perfectly secure, with no risk of breakdowns or untimely alarms. If you're going away for a long time, it's easy to dismantle. The same goes for reinstalling it when you return.

Among other things, the Securipool barrier can also become your best ally when it comes to maintaining your pool. With a fairly high height, it prevents leaves from falling into the pool when it's windy. With no bars, unlike other fences, the barrier blocks leaves, which then stay outside the swimming area. So cleaner water means fewer maintenance chores.

Who is this pool safety fence for?

The Securipool barrier is for any pool owner. If you want to save time during the dismantling of your swimming area safety fence, this is the model for you. Your children are still small at the moment, but they'll grow up. So you'll need a fence that can be easily removed once they're used to swimming.

The net fence also remains a perfect alternative for completely banning swimming on certain occasions (travel, pool water treatment, welcoming children from the neighbourhood, etc) and preventing any possible intrusions. If you're worried about your budget, a flexible swimming pool fence is a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution. Compared with other removable pool fences, it's 10 times more affordable. If you're often away from home, but sometimes rent out your house, the cheap swimming pool fence will be a guarantee of safety that will prevent animals or curious children in the neighbourhood from gaining access to the pool.

Come and discover our catalogue of cheap swimming pool fences with which you can calmly make your choice. Don't hesitate to share your opinions with us and above all to consult us for a free quote with or without installation. Take advantage of our offers to get the ideal cheap swimming pool fence!