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About Removable Pool Fence

Removable Pool Fence, leader in Europe!

As a specialist in removable Securipool barriers for private and public swimming pools, removablepoolfence.net gives you access to the entire Securipool range, the absolute reference in mobile safety barriers. Made in France, Securipool has been the leader in Europe for over 28 years. removablepoolfence.net dedicated to this swimming pool safety equipment of unrivalled quality, offers you, at unbeatable prices, all the Securipool products: the Securipool Classic, the Securipool Advantage, the Securipool Prestige and the Securipool Luxe.

Our company

Put your trust in the Securipool swimming pool barrier specialist
RemovablePoolFence.net is made up of a team of swimming pool and swimming pool safety professionals with over 28 years' experience in the swimming pool sector and 21 years' experience in swimming pool safety. Our experts have been involved in numerous pool compliance projects in France, for private individuals, luxury hotels, condominiums, campsites and local authorities...

Thousands of customers have already placed their trust in RemovablePoolFence.net to secure their pools with Securipool barriers, which are 100% compliant with current standards. The RemovablePoolFence.net team also offers you unprecedented payment facilities with payment in 3x and 4x by bank card free of charge, in 10x free of charge, on credit, by bank transfer or by postal order, as well as an efficient after-sales service. Securipool specialist with the widest choice of models and accessories in France

. RemovablePoolFence.net offers exclusive services on the Internet with the Zen Guarantee, which gives you a number of unique advantages, extended warranties of up to 5 years, a site 100% dedicated to the Securipool barrier with a unique buying guide, an installation guide, examples of projects, a wealth of advice, an expert team at your service, short lead times and attractive prices, all of which makes RemovablePoolFence.net the essential address for securing your pool.

The Securipool swimming pool barrier

Securipool, the must-have removable barrier
The Securipool barrier was designed and developed well before the 2003 Swimming Pool Safety Act, which requires all swimming pools to be fitted with a standardised safety device. Thanks to this pioneering role, the Securipool system has acquired a reliability, weather resistance and quality of finish unrivalled on the market. A leader in Europe for more than years, the Securipool barrier has received rave reviews in both the written press and on television, notably in the famous Capital programme on the M6 channel. Thanks to its manufacturing quality and very attractive price, it has established itself among the general public and professionals as the benchmark demountable barrier in Europe.

The NF P90-306 approved Securipool pool fence can be assembled and dismantled in just a few minutes, allowing you to enjoy your pool area to the full. The Securipool pool fence is the only flexible pool fence on the market to offer such flexibility in terms of colours, finishes and module sizes. Thanks to Securipool, securing your pool is no longer an obstacle. All you have to do is let us guide you and select the fence that suits your wishes, tastes and needs.

Professionals at your service

The widest choice of pool barriers at the best prices
Because the widest choice of Securipool products at the best price is not enough and with the aim of always offering you more services, removablepoolfence.net, the Internet specialist in the distribution of Securipool barriers for private and public swimming pools relies on efficient and ultra-fast logistics. With a team of logistics professionals and in partnership with the largest French and international carriers (Ducros Express, TNT, Colispote, Schenker, Chronopost, etc.), removablepoolfence.net has developed a responsive logistics platform to serve its customers. This ultra-modern centre, located in the South-East region at the heart of one of France's largest logistics centres, guarantees rapid delivery of your orders.

Barrière Securipool is a member of the FPP, put your trust in pool professionals! With years of experience in the pool industry, the removablepoolfence.net team is here to listen to your needs and expectations so you can enjoy your pool in the best possible way. Whether you are an individual or a local authority, we offer you a selection of the best products at the lowest prices, as well as our skills and knowledge.